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How does it work?

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Select the services you want. Both fixed all-in packages as flexible offerings are available on the RUSHKULT platform.

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The provider will confirm the request or either comes with alternative dates in case of limited availability.

Secure payment after confirmation

After confirmation by the partner you are able to pay with your credit, (local) debit cards or PayPal.

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Find what suits
you best

Find the adventure that best suits your preferences with our advanced filters and sorting functions.

Carefully picked

RUSHKULT screens all providers on B12:C20 customer reviews and reputation. We only want to deal with the best of the best.

Lowest price

Providers on the RUSHKULT-platform offer you the lowest tarrifs that are online availble.


After the confirmation by the partner you will receive an email with a link to our shopping cart.

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How does RUSHKULT guarantee the lowest price for surf or scuba dive activities?

Before joining the RUSHKULT platform a provider of surf or scuba dive activities must agree to offer the lowest tarrifs for training, guided tours and accommodation available on the web. If they do not comply we will remove them of the platform. If we notice this after you already paid for the booking we will refund you the difference.

What happens after I send a booking request for surf or scuba dive activities?

The provider of surf or scuba dive activities receives your booking request within minutes after you press send. The provider will check availability and confirm your booking request which you will receive mail on the mailadress you stated during the booking request process.

Why do you only offer scuba diving and surfing activities?

Our ambition is to offer all adventure sports available. However to ensure the quality we persue for our users we focus on wave surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing and scuba diving at the launch of RUSHKULT. In the nearby future we will offer training, guided tours and accommodation from the world of skiiing and snowboarding.

With what credit and debit cards can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and local debit cards like for example in the Netherlands Ideal. We also accept payment by Paypall.

How long does it take before a provider response to my booking request?

A provider responds within 24 hours. At RUSHKULT we monitor all booking requests. If a response takes too long we will contact the partner while keeping you informed of the status.

Which terms & conditions apply?

Once you agree to finalize a booking you will pay 20% of the booking up front and 80% before the starting date of the activity and/or accommodation. Once you have paid the 20% down payment you will have a cancellation period of 14 days with a 100% refund.