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Offer your services to adventure sport fanatics ranging from the surf, scuba dive, ski and snowboard scene.

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We only charge a commission fee for every booking made through the RUSHKULT platform

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How the RUSHKULT platform works

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Manage your own detail page that includes your training-, guided trip and accommodation services.

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Receive requests with desired services, dates and number of people by visitors through the RUSHKULT platform. Confirm or suggest other dates by mail.

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Customers get in touch with you through our chat service. Chat and adjust your offering accordingly.

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What can I expect from the sign-up flow?

We ask you to share your company details, details about your training, guided tours and/or accommodation and your bank and VAT information. You are able to upload photo's and video's to illustrate your listing.

Can I offer only a training, guided tour or an accommodation?

Yes, you can offer just one service or two services. Or all three services: training, guided tours and accommodation.

I only offer all-in packages. Does RUSHKULT facilitate this?

Yes, we do. Our detail pages and booking process facilitate both flexible (pick and choose) propositions and pre-packages (training, guided tours and accommodation services.

Why do you only offer scuba diving and surfing activities?

Our ambition is to offer all adventure sports available. However to ensure the quality we persue for our users we focus on wave surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing and scuba diving at the launch of RUSHKULT. In the nearby future we will offer training, guided tours and accommodation from the world of skiiing and snowboarding.

How long does it take before my listing is published?

From the moment we receive your application it takes 1-2 days before your listing is published.

How does RUSHKULT attract adventure sports fanatics?

At RUSHKULT we believe that adventure sports must be made easy accessible to a larger public. Highly experienced online marketeers work on online campaigns including SEA, display marketing, retargetting, SEO optimization and PR. We also started an online magazine focussing on the world of adventure sports. Why? Because we love, live and breathe adventure sports and want to spread this throughout the world.